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25 June 2014



Such a lovely thing to do and a fitting way to mark a milestone birthday. It must be great to know that you've improved the day of over 30 other people :)
I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday. Thank you for sharing your experience with us x


Hi Eleanor. I stumbled across this whilst on a very long coach journey & have loved reading all your exploits! I am just starting a '30 things to do before im 30' list as I turn 30 in 11months. I think 'performing a random act of kindness' will definitely be added to the list now. There's a website 'makemejoyful' which does similar RAOK - you've probably seen it but if not I recommend it. I hope you had a very happy birthday xx


Thanks, Sarah and Felicia! I had so much fun doing this and it's an added bonus to know that you've enjoyed reading about it. :)

Hope the coach trip goes OK, Felicia, if you are still on it - I will definitely check out that website.


I loved this post so much! Like you I do some of the small things on a regular basis, giving the valid parking ticket to the next person, I always help people to find things in our supermarket (for some reason I know it better than the staff!)..etc...You have inspired me to do more whenever I can, but it is scary as you never know how people will react.
I love the part about your kindness pants superhero status!!
You are a superhero. Happy Birthday and well done for spreading all that kindness.

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